Friday, March 10, 2017

Fearman-plant protester hailed as hero

The defence lawyer for Anita Krajnc, who was charged by farmer Eric Van Boekel for watering hogs being trucked into the Fearman’s plant at Burlington, calls her a hero.

He likened her to Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and Susan B. Anthony in his closing arguments in the long trial in Burlington.

But Justice David Harris seemed more interested in whether any harm was done to the hogs by her offering them water as the truck waited to enter the plant.

The court was packed for the final arguments with some sitting on the floor. Most appeared to be supporters for Kajnc who said she longs for the day when pigs will be “equal just like the rest of us.”

Van Boekel testified that he and the truck driver could not know what was in the water Krajnc was offering the pigs and said a contaminant could have resulted in condemnation by inspectors for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and loss of money.

The judge wondered why there would be anything other than water being offered and what harm could result from offering the pigs water.

He has not yet rendered a verdict.