Saturday, March 25, 2017

Leal promises $19 million for greenhouse growers

Ontario Agriculture Minister Jeff Leal has promised $19 million to help the greenhouse industry be competitive through the development of innovative new technologies, encouraging investments in greenhouse agriculture and boosting productivity. He made the promise this week in a media event in Bowmanville.
George Gilvesy, chairman of the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers marketing board said “we are extremely pleased with the announcement made by Minister Leal today. We are very optimistic with the prospects of continuing our work with the Government of Ontario to determine how we ensure a vibrant and sustainable future for our province's greenhouse sector.”
Jan VanderHout, chair of the Ontario Greenhouse Alliance, said “Ontario's greenhouse sector is a major contributor to the provincial economy.
“We appreciate the . . . support and recognition of the need to invest in our future as well as work with our members on challenges facing Ontario’s greenhouse sector.
“This funding will support the continued growth of our sector and its capacity to create jobs, drive exports and provide a reliable supply of locally grown greenhouse products for Ontario consumers.