Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dairy farmers lose milk to blizzard

Many dairy farmers in New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Maine and New Hampshire had to dump milk because of a two-day blizzard that dumped more than 40 inches of wind-whipped snow across the region this week.

There are reports of milk truckers dumping loads because of the storm and many farmers unable to get pickups and dumping their milk because they ran out of space to store more.

Throughways in New York and Pennsylvania banned tractor trailers, yet many continued to drive. 

There were huge truck pileups on the Pennsylvania throughway which was temporarily closed to all traffic.

There were also reports of scores of accidents in Quebec and a Montreal pileup of more than 50 vehicles.

I know some of this first hand because we drove to Philadelphia yesterday and saw some of the tractor-trailer pileups. Why would we travel in these conditions? Because we are attending North America’s oldest flower show.