Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Saputo sues B.C. milk board

Saputo is suing the British Columbia milk marketing board for $100,000 in the province’s Supreme Court.

Saputo claims $65,000 for a shipment of 17,784 litres of milk delivered in August, 2013, from Chilliwack Cattle Co.

It claims another $26,000 for a shipment of 120.029 litres from an organic farm that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency detained because it suspected feed was contaminated.

 On closer inspection, it turned out fine, but Saputo made its claim on the basis that the delay reduced the value of the milk.

And then Saputo refused to take delivery from Chilliwack Cattle Company after sensational news coverage of underground video shot for Mercy for Animals.

Chilliwack Dairy Co. subsequently pleaded guilty and faced a record-high fine for abusing animals.

Saputo is complaining to the court that it can only buy milk from the marketing board, meaning It can’t reject milk from farms it does not like.

I find it more than a little ironic that Saputo would complain about Chilliwack Cattle Co. hurting its reputation when a book has documented Saputo's dealings with the Montreal Mafia.