Tuesday, July 27, 2021

BHP potash project moves a step ahead

 BHP Corp. of Australia moved a step ahead in its plans to open a $5.7-billion potash mine at Jansen, Sask.

“BHP confirms that Westshore Terminals Limited Partnership … has signed an agreement to provide port services” for potash exports from the mine.

Last month BHP said it would present its board with a decision on whether to move ahead with Jansen after choosing between two port options.

“If the Jansen project does proceed, the agreement requires Westshore to handle potash for BHP for a term to 2051, subject to extension,” Westshore said.

Under the agreement, Vancouver-based Westshore would set up infrastructure to handle potash at Westshore’s Roberts Bank terminal by 2026, with BHP funding the construction. The terminal today handles Canadian and U.S. coal exports.

BHP could be in a position to break the cartel that mines potash in Saskatchewan, which is the world’s biggest supplier of potash.