Monday, July 19, 2021

Germany has third case of African Swine Fever

A third case of African swine fever has been found in the eastern German state of Brandenburg, German authorities said.

The farmer had four pigs.

The first two cases were another farm with only a few pigs and an organic-standards herd of about 200 pigs.

African Swine Fever is spreading within the wild boar population and German farmers have been trying to keep it out of domestic herds because its highly infectious and deadly.

It claimed about half of the pigs in China before the country brought it under control and is now well along in rebuilding its hog-production industry.

However, there have been a few new cases of African Swine Fever reported in China.

Canadian hog farmers, including those who own the co-operative Conestoga Meats plant at Breslau, have been shipping a high percentage of their pork to China, although there has been a recent decline in shipments.