Monday, July 5, 2021

Rules for farm biogas eased

The Ontario government said it’s going to change its regulations to make it easier to set up biogas facilities on farms.

The regulation changes will enable new on-farm biogas systems and expansion of existing systems to be approved more easily and at a lower cost to help ensure that Ontario continues to be a biogas sector leader in Canada, the government ssid.

The changes will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by diverting waste from the landfill through increased maximum allowable limits and new types of off-farm anaerobic digestion materials (such as food processing waste and source separated organics) and by encouraging production of renewable natural gas. 

“By reducing regulatory burden for on-farm anaerobic digesters, we can provide economic solutions to divert more valuable food and organic waste from landfills, while maintaining environmental protections by encouraging the recycling of nutrients and reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Ontario Agriculture Minister Lisa Thompson.

“We’re saving farm businesses time and money to allow them to grow untapped economic opportunities and take advantage of the emerging renewable natural gas market,” she said. 

Ontario Environment Minister David P:iccini said “using farm waste to generate renewable natural gas is win-win for farmers and the environment: not only does it give farmers the opportunity to use materials that would otherwise go to waste, they are also able to reduce their carbon footprint.

“Importantly, these changes include new requirements to better safeguard the environment and human health – helping to ensure that economic growth doesn’t come at the expense of environmental health,” Piccini said. 

Brandon Moffatt, vice president of development for StormFisher, said his company shares a vision with the Ontario Government of reducing  waste going to landfills, generating clean energy, creating jobs and investing in rural Ontario.


“The changes announced today regarding on-farm anaerobic digestion will help with all of thesegoals,” Moffatt said.