Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Saskatchewan asks for help

The Agricultural Producers Association of Canada is asking for help to cope with the drought and heat that have devastated crops.

The association wants:

-       Increased help via the AgriStability federal-provincial supports program, including extending deadlines and increasing support levels.

-       Help to obtain water supplies and water management.

-       Extension of the federal Livestock tax deferral plan to the4 entire province.

-       Establishment of a committee to keep an ongoing watch on the crisis. It would include representatives from the federal and provincial governments and the agriculture industry.

-       Crop insurance permission to convert crops for forage and silage or grazing.


The call for AgriStability improvements comes after Saskatchewan spurned proposals put before a meeting of federal, provincial and territorial governments to do just that.

Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba said it would cost more than they were willing to pay.