Monday, July 5, 2021

Canada Beef aims to crack into German market

Canada Beef is launching a brand-name campaign to try to crack into the German market.

So far Germans have bought only about $80,000 worth of Canadian beef despite the new free trade deal between Canada and the European Union.

Those paltry sales have been to restaurants and specialty-shop retailers and online.

Canada Beef is working with the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in Germany in the campaign called Taste of Canada.

They want Germans to learn about Canadian cuisine and typical Canadian food products available for purchase in Germany.

 “The campaign consists of both a German-language website and posts on social media channels including articles on Canadian cuisine, recipes and more.”

Canada Beef and companies that sell Canadian beef in Europe have a branding problem in much of the European Union.

“One thing we’ve identified in many European markets, not only Germany, is there isn’t a lot of recognition of Canadian beef.

“People really don’t know what Canadian beef is,” said Albert Eringfeld, executive director of export market development with Canada Beef.

“Our goal is to try and improve the knowledge and therefore exports of Canadian beef to Europe, over the long run.”