Friday, October 22, 2021

De Dell Seeds has new owner

Will Trudell is now the owner of De Dell Seeds, taking over from his father and founder Vince Trudell.

De Dell Seeds has grown and evolved over the past 22 years while remaining a family company. Will has been vice-president for 10 years.

Will said in a release that he does not intend to make any major changes to company polices but will continue to uphold the same high standards for customer service his father taught him. 

“We value our loyal dealers and customers who have trusted us from the very beginning, as well as those who have joined us along the way, and we are very thankful for the continued support.

 “We have a great team in our research department who have done a good job of breeding improved hybrids and we have already advanced a long way compared to the early days.” 

The company markets 36 conventional corn hybrids, 12 of which are available in an organic version, ranging from 2000 CHU (67 Days) up to 3400 CHU (114 Days). 

De Dell has a network of dealers from coast-to-coast in Canada, as well as a smaller network of dealers in the United States.