Wednesday, October 20, 2021

More money for farm investments

The federal and Ontario agriculture departments are offering another $10.21 million “to help the agri-food sector adopt on-farm solutions and best practices that will grow their business, create jobs and drive economic growth across Ontario while continuing to provide the safe, high quality food the province is known for.” 
(They need an editor: . . . .:for which the province is known.)

Federal Agriculture Minister Marie Claude Bibeau said “we are committed to helping farmers with strategic on-farm investments that improve their bottom line and generate sustainable economic growth.

 “These cost-shared investments will not only build a stronger, more innovative agriculture sector in Ontario but support the prosperity of rural communities across the province.”

Ontario Agriculture Minister Lisa Thompson said “our government is investing in these projects to help farmers and other businesses adopt innovative solutions that help increase their productivity in the agri-food sector.”