Monday, October 18, 2021

New tractors in short supply

New tractors will be more difficult to find this winter.

Deere and Co. workers in the United States are on strike.

CNH Industrial, an Italian-American tractor and vehicle maker, announced this week its temporarily shutting several of its European manufacturing plants that produce agricultural equipment. 

The company can’t source enough parts to keep assembling new tractors.

And the Association of Equipment Manufacturers said the shortage is industry wide, not only at CNH.

CNH manufacturers Case IH, Steyer, New Holland and IVECO equipment.

CNH says it plans to shut down the facilities for eight days this month. 

The supply chain issues are crippling manufacturers. Scott Wilson of CNH said the situation is “brutal”.

"The team has done a really nice job managing through it. I mean, it's brutal. It's the most difficult supply chain situation I’ve seen," said Wine. 

"I was a supply officer in the Navy before I joined the industrial world. So I've been around much of it in all my life. I've never seen it this bad. But the team's done a nice job of managing through it." 

Cut Blades, senior vice president of Ag Services for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, said "the supply chain issues that are facing the ag equipment market are the same ones that are facing cars, and washing machines and pen balls, and whatever, whatever else that you're trying to buy. Everything is in tight supply.

“It's a recipe for empty (retail) lots out there.“