Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Sweda furthers its gadfly campaign

 In its latest initiative, Sweda Farms has filed for reconsideration of the Egg Board of Ontario marketing board decisions to deny detailed financial information and responses.

The board answered a Sweda request filed in April for more detailed financial information by saying it won’t reveal any more than it has already filed with the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission.

Sweda is countering that marketing board bylaws require it to provide an annual statement of operations and financial report to producers.

Auditors check the books, but do not provide an assessment of accuracy or reasonableness of costs and expenses the board lists.

The board has provision for an audit committee, but doesn’t have one. It’s also not clear who holds the positions of secretary and treasurer.

Nor does the board reveal whether its treasurer is covered by bond as the bylaws require.

Sweda also questions a number of expenses, such as investments in Hypereye and Rellidep which appear to be lost causes, membership in the Pullet Growers of Canada which has only three members, membership in the Poultry Industry Council and Farm and Food Care.

Sweda questions the status of a national traceability program which Egg Farmers of Canada launched in 2013 and hasn’t mentioned in its annual reports since then.

It questions the need for two funds related to disease compensation – one the Bacterial Control Fund, the other the Disease Initiative.

Sweda also questions the $526,648 spent on directors per diems and another $94,319 for expenses. And $479,970 for annual and farmer meetings. 

It's not that the questions are unreasonable. It seems it's all because the board doesn't like Svante Lind and his Sweda Farms business.