Monday, October 11, 2021

Turkey protestors arrested

Six protestors have been arrested by Waterloo Regional Police for breaking into a Hybrid Turkeys farm near Ayr.

Mapleglen Pedigree Complex was fined $5,600 in 2015 for one count of animal cruelty which probably explains why the protestors from Meat the Victims chose it for their protest demonstration.

“Several individuals were arrested in connection to the planned protest. The arrests were not in relation to the activities at the demonstration location, and the crowd was observed to be peaceful,” said the release from Waterloo Police. 

The six are scheduled to appear in court on November 17, 2021.

Hendrix Genetics, which owns Hybrid Turkeys, said in a statement that “animal welfare is the responsibility of all employees, contract farm owners, contract farm employees and all other contract-type workers. 

“Supervisors will be held directly accountable, not only for the humane treatment of our birds, but also for the actions of the workers under their direct supervision.” 

An internal “See something, Say something” program is also in place at Hybrid Turkeys facilities “to encourage employees to speak up, in a confidential way, if they think there may be an animal welfare concern,” according to the company website