Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Trucker shortage is global

Even Agrimark and Dairy Farmers of America say they can’t hire enough truckers, so they are promoting training courses.

In England, lack of truckers have left gas stations with empty tanks, grocery stores with many items sold out and ships turning away from ports that are jammed with ships that can’t unload because there is a lack of truckers to haul the stuff away.

The United States also reports shortages of truckers, especially long-haul drivers. Ports is California also have a backlog of ships waiting to unload.

In Canada, Trucking HR reports there’s a shortage of 18,000 drivers. 

Sixty-one per cent of employers say they can’t get enough.

Sysco National held a hiring event Oct. 13 to 16 offering $100,000 a year and a $15,000 signup bonus.