Friday, October 8, 2021

New act poses challenges for non-profits

When the new provincial legislation governing non-profit organizations comes into effect Oct. 19, a number of farm organizations and marketing boards could face challenges from dissident members.

Under the new rules, if 10 per cent sign a petition, the organization must call a special meeting to deal with their concerns.

That could be a major challenge for chicken and sheep marketing boards where there have often been discontents who have waited until election of directors to force change.

And now Svante Linde of Sweda Farms has put the egg board on notice that he will try to garner support from 10 per cent of its members to deal with the long list of issues he has raised with the board and appeals tribunal.

Under the new rules, the non-profit organization must furnish a list of members so dissidents can canvass to obtain 10 per cent membership support.