Thursday, December 3, 2020

Chicken production cut

Canadian chicken production is being reduced.

The national agency said the second wave of COVID-19 prompted it to reduce allocations for production in quota period A-168 by 2.5 per cent. That six-week production period begins Feb. 14.

Other than an emergency reduction of 15 per cent in April, it’s the first reduction in more than a decade.

The agency also delayed quota allocations for A-169 until its Jan. 20 meeting.

“Much of Canada is engulfed in a much larger ‘second wave’ with escalating levels of cases and shutdowns which will impact market needs in the near to medium term,” the Chicken Farmers of Ontario said on its website.

Ontario’s allocation is 63,654,660 million kilograms. Because there is no national increase, Ontario’s share of the national total falls to historic shares; it has been getting more than it’s traditional share whenever production increases and has used that quota to help small-scale producers who don’t own quota and for specialty production.

The Ontario board has not said what it will do to sustain those producers and processors.