Monday, December 28, 2020

Organic milk sales surge

There has been a surge in demand for organic milk in the United States.

It is probably because the COVID-19 pandemic forced restaurants and cafeterias to close, so more people were eating at home and they bought organic milk.

SPINS Mulo tracks sales and reports that so far this year organic milk sales are 11.3 per cent greater than last year in the United States. In the last 12 weeks, the increase is 8.4 per cent.

In Vermont there are about 200 organic milk producers ranging in size from about 15 to the largest with 350 cows. Prices are roughly double what is paid for conventional milk.

Right now, organic milk in Vermont is sold for $30 to $35 ($40 to $45 Cdn) a hundredweight, and there’s an extra premium for grass-fed milk, which ranges from $35 to $40 ($45 to $51). 

“That’s a price that farmers can make money, if you’re a good manager,” said John Cleary, New England manager for Organic Valley Cooperative.