Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Five workers land flight to Trinidad

Five of about 400 temporary foreign workers from Trinidad and Tobago who have been stranded in Canada have a flight booked to return to Trinidad on Jan. 28.

They worked for E Z Farms Ltd. Another 92 from the islands who worked for Schuyler Farms remain stranded.

The local community and the Schuylers are trying to treat them to some of the Christmas traditions they usually enjoy at home. They have assembled gift packages and some tradional foods.

Brett Schuyler said among those stranded is a pregnant worker who will not be able to fly by February.

He said he has been frustrated at not being able to contact officials to press for clearance for the workers to return home. 

Trinidad and Tobago don’t want travellers from countries with COVID-19 cases, and that’s certainly Canada where there have been issues among temporary foreign workers on farms in Southwestern Ontario.

Officials in Ottawa have said they are trying to persuade Trinidad and Tobago to allow the workers to return.