Tuesday, May 3, 2022

BC egg farmers convert barns

Half of the egg producers in British Columbia have converted their barns from traditional cages to either alternative or enriched housing, the annual marketing board meeting was told recently.

British Columbia is four years ahead of the rest of Canada in making transitions, the members were told.

On the other hand, only half of the members have registered for their share of compensation the federal government is offering in the wake of the free trade deal under the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

They have 10 years to access the funds, but they must register, said Roger Pelissero, chairman of Egg Farmers of Canada and Walter Siemens, the B.C. director on the national agency.

Pelissero said politicians may be thinking that farmers aren’t interested in the compensation and it may influence what’s offered in compensation for the free trade deal with the United States and Mexico.

There is a cost-of-production survey underway to determine compensation for eggs and the members were encouraged to participate if they are asked.