Thursday, May 5, 2022

Michael McCain to step down

Michael McCain has announced he plans to step down from being president and chief executive officer of Maple Leaf Foods, but will become executive chairman of the board of directors.

Curtis Frank, who has been with the company for 21 years and is chief operating officer, will take over from McCain about a year from now.

McCain was named head of Maple Leaf Foods after his father, Wallace McCain, bought the company in 1995 with backing from the Ontario Teacher Pension Fund.

Wallace and his brother had a falling out at the McCain-owned french fries empire based in New Brunswick, a dispute that involved Michael’s future in that company.

Maple Leaf also announced that Geoff Beattie, chair of the board since 2019, is stepping down from the role and has been appointed independent lead director. Beattie has served on the board since 2008.