Friday, May 27, 2022

Dairy trade again in the spotlight

 Canada’s supply management dairy policy is again in the spotlight in trade talks with the United States and Britain. 


United States President Joe Biden said he will file another appeal over Canada’s handling of import permits for dairy products.


The appeal is to the disputes-settling panel under the Canada-U.S.-Mexico trade agreement. 


The United States won its first appeal, but is not satisfied with Canada’s response.


On the British front, Canada has told England that its goal of increasing cheese exports to Canada is off the table for negotiations that are just about to begin.


Ralph Goodale, high commissioner to England, said Canada already granted access to the European Union and England failed to take its share of that access with it when it left the European Union.


He said England needs to go back to the European Union to get the cheese access it seeks. Asking for its own access in addition to what was given the European Union would be “double dipping,” Goodale said.


But Britain’s trade minister insists she wants access to Canadian markets for cheese, including artisanal varieties.