Thursday, May 12, 2022

Ontario Pork partners with Toronto football club

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, owner of Toronto FC soccer club, is partnering with the Ontario Pork marketing board to offer fans pork foods.

Andrew Stokes, senior director for Global Partnerships, said “MLSE is proud to have partnered with Ontario Pork, an organization that represents hundreds of Ontario farmers. 

“This partnership supports our mandate of providing high-quality in-venue experiences, which includes the food items we offer our fans in our venues.

Fans at BMO field will be able to buy fresh roasted porchetta sandwiches, street tacos and poutine topped with pork.

 “Watch for special game-day promotions and contests from Ontario Pork,” the partners said in a news release.

Chairman John de Bruyn of Ontario Park said “producers are very excited about this partnership.

“Like Toronto FC players and their dedicated supporters, Ontario Pork farmers and the partners on their team are passionate about delivering the best to consumers every day.

 “When it comes to quality and commitment, Ontario pork producers go whole hog,” de Bruyn said.