Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Health Canada approves gene editing for crops

Health Canada announced Wednesday that it will not impose new regulations on foods developed by editing genes.

The technology works only with existing genes and differs from genetically-modified crops that contain genes from brought in from an unrelated species, such as genes from bacteria for Roundup-ready soybeans and for Bt corn to counter insects such as root worms.

Health Canada’s announcement immediately drew criticism from the National Farmers Union and the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network.

Lucy Sharratt of CBAN said “this decision profoundly increases corporate control over our food system.”

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has yet to say whether it will introduce regulations for gene-edited seeds.

Of course, the overwhelming majority of NFU members are again planting genetically-modified crops such as corn, soybeans and canola. The organization's concerns seem to be related more to corporations than Canadian citizens.