Monday, May 9, 2022

Dairy Farmers of Ontario penalizes family

The Dairy Farmers of Ontario claims to preserve family farms, yet it seems intent on harassing a multi-generation dairy-farming family.

There is a public hearing at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal where the family is fighting a $10,000 fine.

Father and son run separately-licensed dairy farms, but in close co-operation.

The milk board claims they cheated by marketing milk under one licence that was produced under the other.


This is against marketing board law? And it drew a $10,000 fine?

Leave the family alone.

The board ought to know they are struggling with some serious issues, that they share a lot of other things involved in dairy farming and the total amount of milk marketed is within the combination of their quotas.

I hope the tribunal sides with the family and instructs the marketing board to focus its attention on weightier issues.