Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Chapman’s Ice Cream faces false criticisms

Chapman’s Ice Cream at Markdale has become another target of anti-vaccination activists, reports CBC radio.

This time is nothing the company did or said, but an appreciative tweet from Dr. Sohail Gandi thanking the company for its products and community support.

The anti-vaccers used that to attack Chapman’s once again, this time with a lot of accusations that are false.

The first attacks came when Chapman’s offered a bonus to workers who volunteered to get vaccinated.

"I would not have expected the response I got," said Gandhi, a family physician based in Stayner and a past president of the Ontario Medical Association. 

"Some of the comments were basically insults," Dr. Ghandi said. "What I was surprised about was there were some people making allegations about the way Chapman's ran their business without having the facts to prove them." 

Those tweets — from allegations of firing employees who refused to get vaccinated, to misinformation about what the company puts in its ice cream — are lies, according to Ashley Chapman, the company's chief operating officer.